About Reynold

Secretary, Coordinator of Events and Collaborations
2016 – Present

As Coordinator of Events and Collaborations at Ballet.id since 2016, Reynold Setiadi has played a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s impactful initiatives. From organizing the annual Intensive Dance Course and producing the inclusive 1st and 2nd Indonesian Ballet Galas in collaboration with international partners, to participating in award-winning projects like the West Australian Ballet Touring Performance, his contributions have been integral to the growth and recognition of Ballet.id. Additionally, he’s led innovative efforts, such as adapting to the challenges of 2020 with online charity events and spearheading collaborations for inclusive festivals and mapping disabled dancers across Indonesia, showcasing his commitment to the diverse and inclusive evolution of the Indonesian dance community.

This journey reached a significant milestone in 2023 with the production of the 3rd Indonesian Ballet Gala—an unprecedented event drawing 1700 attendees and featuring 14 international and 33 Indonesian dancers on a single stage. The success of this gala further exemplifies Reynold’s dedication to pushing artistic boundaries and fostering collaboration within the Indonesian arts scene.

Photographer and Videographer
2019 – Present

As a passionate photographer and videographer, Reynold has crafted a dynamic career marked by a significant victory in the Allianz x Lang-Lang International Video Competition in 2019. This triumph underscored his ability to intricately weave compelling narratives through the lens, leaving an indelible mark on the global visual arts scene.

His portfolio encompasses an extensive client list, with a specialization in capturing the beauty and grace of dance. Renowned dance schools and communities in Indonesia have been central to his work, resonating both locally and regionally as he’s taken his talents to South East Asia. Notable collaborations with esteemed brands like Hermes, Google4Indonesia, Taco, Sejauh Mata Memandang, Grand Indonesia, and Apple attest to his expertise in bringing diverse visions to life through the lens.

Reynold’s artistic prowess and dedication to his craft have made him a sought-after creative force in the world of photography and videography. Reynold continues to inspire through his work, proving that the power of storytelling knows no bounds.

Reynold Setiadi

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