Venez! Join this unique opportunity to work together with France's diffabel dancer, model and actress Magali SABY in 'Danser avec Magali'!

In this inclusion program, Magali will create and perform a piece called La Fille de l'Air with 5 Indonesian contemporary dancers.

This inclusive program is made possible thanks to generous support of Institut Français d'Indonésie.

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Congratulations to the selected dancers!






Looking forward to see you on stage with Magali!



Magali SABY is a professional dancer, model and actress based in Paris. 

Despite being in a wheelchair, Magali has collaborated in various international contemporary dance and theatre in France, Germany, England, Belgium, Scotland, Greece and Turkey, such as with Pina Bausch. Consistently striving to improve her dancing, she has also participated in training courses with choreographers and international companies.

She is primarily inspired by social problems especially woman's place in society and sexual identities without differentiation.

Magali is also active in campaigning recognition for diffable artists by writing articles on that subject in French newspapers.





- Duration : 10-15 mins
- Number of Dancers : Magali + 5 Indonesian Dancers
- Important Dates :
      - Call for Project : 10-22 June 2017
      - Audition Result : 29 June 2017
      - Rehearsal : 16-21 September 2017
      - General Rehearsal : 22 September 2017
      - Performance Day : 23 September 2017 (1pm and 7pm)

Magali will also teach in a workshop for public on  24 September 2017


Magali SABY is looking for 5 contemporary dancers of all genders between 20-35 years old.

The Dancer needs to be creative and able to improvise. As wheelchair will be used as stage object, it is important that Dancer is strong enough to perform lifting if the choreography requires it.

The heart of this choreography will be study of femininity and men/women relationship. It will explore the idea of sexual identities without differentiation. Thus, it is important that Dancer has open mind with strong personality.

Below is the rehearsal schedule for Magali's piece:

It is important that dancer is available to attend all rehearsals.


Pre-selection will be based on CV, dance picture, cover letter (English or French) and 1 minute solo or duo dance video.

1. Complete the online registration (link below) 
2. Download essay form in http://ballet.id/magalisaby and write the essay. Name the document "Your Full Name-DAM Esai.docx"
3. Send email to info@ballet.id BEFORE SATURDAY 22 JUNE at 00:00 GMT+8 with the subject "DAM <Your Full Name>" and attach:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. 2 dance pictures
  3. Solo or duet video maximum 1 minute. (maximum size 20 MB / link dropbox, gdrive, etc / link Youtube / wetransfer etc)
  4. Essay form which has been filled out
Danse Avec Magali Saby

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