Our Annual Intensive Dance Course

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INTENSIVE DANCE COURSE Frequently Asked Questions 1. What is IDC? Ballet.id’s one-week long IDC gives opportunity for Indonesian ballet and dance students to get a taste of pre-professional ballet training by inviting teachers who are professional dancers and experts, such as Stephen Beagley, Barbora Kohoutkova, Zinaida Chugunova and Eden Petrovski.…


INTENSIVE DANCE COURSE 2018 IDC2018 Hello Dancers! We're back! Ready to grand jete-ing your way to Intensive Dance Course 2018? This year, Ballet.id's Intensive Dance Course will give you a rare and ah-ma-zing opportunity to learn directly from the faculty of the New Zealand School of Dance! Not only that,…

The 2nd Indonesian Ballet Gala : An Inclusive Dance Event – Gallery

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